Yes we are living in Virtual World

Yes, we are living in a virtual world. Technology is evolving and changing our life on earth. There were dreams of creating a virtual world and make the user interact with technology. Nintendo virtual boy was the device released in 1995 by Nintendo and which was failed in the market and no further development is made to that technology by Nintendo. 2015 is the golden era for the virtual technology as there are many classical devices serving the people in a unique way.

What is a virtual reality?

Virtual reality is all about creating a new virtual world in which the user can interact with the virtual world. It is really difficult to spot any differences between a virtual world and a real world.  Virtual reality is achieved by wearing VR helmet or goggles similar to the Oculus Rift.

virtual reality

What is an augmented reality?

Augmented reality is blending a virtual reality with the real life. With AR the virtual components and the real world are experienced by the user and it was easy to distinguish between real world and virtual world. The user is more passionate with the AR rather than VR. AR adds the virtual elements to the real world. Google Glass providing the AR to the customers.

augmented reality.jpg

No dought to say AR is ahead of VR.

Finally, I got some groom to place my research project. Need more work and catching up with tutors too.




Un usual situation

It was really bad on me, failing to post some articles that will help and lead to the research proposal. I think integrating WEB 701 and RES 701 to some extent will be good and i consider it is not working right now for me.

Reading an academic article



Why we read an academic article? Academic articles are for reading and to know others research. Different approaches were practiced in reading an academic article, but it purely depends upon the individual who is reading. This blog post answers the task given by the tutor in class. To answer these questions, I had taken an article with title “Anomaly Behaviour Analysis of DNS Protocol”


  1. Did the abstract tell you the three things I said it should? If not, what did it tell you? (NB If your paper doesn’t have an abstract, it is not an academic research paper!!! Go and find another one!)

The abstract of the article describes the following

  • The research topic: This paper is the research on anomaly based intrusion system.
  • What researches did: Researches analysed the Anomaly based intrusion system for DNS protocol (DNS-IDS) on wide range of DNS attacks.
  • What they discovered/concluded: Researches discover about 97% attack detection were with very low false positive alarm rate and 3% with false negatives.
  1. What seems to be the research question(s) they were trying to answer?

What is the behaviour of normal DNS protocols?

What is the behaviour of attacked DNS protocols?

Analyse the behaviour of DNS protocols in major form of DNS attacks.

  1. How credible do you think the paper is?

I had gone through the personal details of the researches, stated on the article. By the information given about them and the article was the journal of Internet Services and Information Security (JISIS). Thus, this article is credible.

  1. Did you agree, or not, with what they wrote in their conclusion? Why?

The researchers used the experimental methodology and concluded the experimental results on all major DNS attacks. I do agree with the conclusion drawn by researchers. This paper described each theme of the research with an analysis to support their conclusion.

  1. Briefly describe two things that you learnt from the paper.  

This paper describes the following

Implementation of DNS-IDS on DNS protocol.

The experiments (methodology) carried out on different DNS protocols.

  1. In no more than 250 of your own words (i.e. a paraphrase), describe what the paper is about – you could start with “This paper describes……….”

This paper describes the anomaly behaviour of Intrusion Detection System for the DNS protocol(DNS-IDS). This DNS-IDS approach accurately detects any abnormal behaviour in the DNS protocol. This paper includes the architecture of DNS-IDS and how this system works on DNS protocol. Experimental approach was conducted by the researchers on the various DNS attacks like cache poising, DNS amplification attacks etc. and the results of those experiments were analysed.












Credible Evidence

This blog is regarding the work given by  Dr Clare Atkins in class.

Topic 1: Digital citizenship

Source 1:
URL of my search:
Search terms I used: What is digital citizenship
Way I found it: Google
Author: Unknown
Date of publish: Unknown
Type of publish: website giving information about Digital citizenship.
Is it credible: yes I think it is credible because it contains information about digital citizenship.

Source 2:
URL of my search:
Search terms:digital citizenship
Way I found:google scholar
Author:Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert, Ramona S. McNeal
Date published:2007
Type of publish: Book
Is it credible: Yes it is credible because it was cited by 588 people.

Source 3:
URL of my search:
Search terms I used: digital citizenship blog
Way I found it:google
Date of publish:unknown 
Type of publish:unknown 
Is it credible:yes it is credible because it giving more information.

Topic 2: Database design
Source 1:
URL of my search:
Search terms I used:database design 
Way I found it:google 
Date of publish:unknown 
Type of Publish: unknown
Is it credible:yes it is giving information about database design in detail.

Source 2:
URL of my search:
Search terms I used:database design 
Way I found it:google scholar
Date of publish:2000
Type of Publish:book
Is it credible:yes it is credible it was cited by 2589 people.

Source 3:
URL of my search:
Search terms I used:database design 
Way I found it:youtube
Author: Adam M. Erickson
Date of publish: sep 10 2010
Type of Publish: Video
Is it credible: yes it is credible It has 123 222 views and good comments as well.

Topic 3: Oculus rift

Source 1:
URL of my search:
Search term I used:oculus rift
Way I found :google
Date of Publish:unknown
Type of Publish:website
Is it credible:yeah it is credible.It has more information about oculus rift

Source 2:
URL of my search: 
Search term I used:oculus rift
Way I found :youtube
Date of Publish: April 1 2016
Type of Publish:video
Is it credible: It is credible as it has huge views and comments in less span of time.

Source 3:
URL of my search:
Search term I used: oculus rift
Way I found :google
Date of Publish:unknown
Type of Publish:website
Is it credible:Yeah it is credible as it tells how the oculus rift works.


Research Approach

In this blog we are going to deal with different approaches we use while research.Research approach can be divided into two types

  1. Inductive
  2. Deductive

Inductive Approach

  • In this approach the researcher have to draw a hypothesis by performing research.
  • Inductive approach contributes to the new theories and generalizations.
  • At beginning of the research the hypothesis were absent and the researcher perceived to be part of research.
  • Research context is understood deeply.
  • Qualitative data is gathered.

More flexible to the research structure, it may change as the research progress.Research-approach1

Deductive Approach

  • Deductive approach deals with testing of given theories and hypothesis.
  • In this approach, research is amid to explore certain range of hypothesis by researcher.
  • Principles are based on science.
  • Researcher is independent of research.
  • Quantitative data is collected in Deductive approach.
  • Relationships between variable should be explained in research process.
  • The approach is highly structured.
  • Validity of data is to be considered.
  • Samples need to be selected of a sufficient size in order to generalize the research conclusions.Research-approach

Exploratory Research?

What is Exploratory research?

Exploratory research is conducted for a problem that has not been clearly defined.Exploratory research is the researcher tool to understand an issue deeply and help to frame the issue and also gives some background about.

Exploratory research is initial research to clarify and defining the nature of the problem. Exploratory research doesn’t help to finish the thing rather it helps to start thinking the basic causes/effects and defining the issue.


Exploratory researcher uses the following tools to collect the information

  1. Case studies
  2. Focal groups
  3. Depth Interviews
  4. Free associate Techniques

Case studies Methods:

Case study methods offers us to look at the similar situations in the past and learn from it. Case studies present a situation, how the situation is created, evolved. It also gives the information about how the situation is resolved.

Focal Groups

Focal groups are the group of 6 to 10 people generally meet at table or electronically to have some discussions on particular subject. Moderator, the leader who leads the discussions. Discussion may be question,thought sharing about particular subject.

Moderator plays a vital role in discussion by focusing the discussion to particular subject. These discussions may be recorded and documented and then analysed.

Depth Interviews

Depth Interviews is interviewing a specific people normally. Depth interview have the people who are experts and have some great deal of knowledge. These people share the knowledge in order to address certain issues.

Projective Techniques

With these techniques we are projecting peoples ideas.Following techniques

  • Word associate technique- In this technique, researcher gives one word to the audience and ask about the top of the mind or topic comes with respective to the given word.

For example, Researcher gives the word BLUE. Audience may give sky, sea, stars etc. these information may not be useful but the researcher could interpret what people may think about the word or that topic.

  • Sentence Completion-  In this technique researcher gives a group of sentences on one topic and asks people to fill the sentences. These responses were used to interpret how the people were thinking about the subject.
  • Third person-Role play – In this technique you is effectively stepped into character of someone and you portray that person at some event. This technique is played without scripted so that the person inner feeling about the subject is exposed.
  • TAT-Thematic Aptitude Test: In this test the audience is given a picture. The picture is really not well defined one and ask them what they interpret from the picture. These interprets were very different with each other actually it depends on individual but these potential interprets will give us some ideas looking for our research.


  • Increased Understanding: The main objective of exploratory research is to improve researcher knowledge about the topic. It deals with Why and how things happen.
  • Flexibility of sources:Secondary sources such as published literature or data are commonly used in exploratory research. Broad range and well rounded understanding of the subject is given through the sources.
  • Better conclusion: Exploratory research can be advantageous in directing subsequent research approaches. This research is very useful in determining the best approaches to achieve researcher objectives.
  • Strategic planning: Exploratory research in some cases can save great deal of time and money by flagging dead ends early


  • Exploratory research wont’t be able to replace conclusive, quantitative research.
  • They seldom offer adequate answers to research patterns.
  • Exploratory research methods is that they have limitations.
  • Results from projective methods were very strange.
  • Capability to make forecast from the results is challenging.

Exploratory research is very useful, however it needs to be used with caution.



From last class, I learned some interesting topics like Ontology, epistemology, paradigm.  As English was my second language it was fascinating. To be honest these terms and concepts were sticking in my brain as I was analyzing my decisions and approaching any situation with some change as I normally do. Hope it will continue in more efficient way and I will get the best from every possible moment.

In this blog I tried to bring some different types of research generally we use.

1.Descriptive vs Analytical:

Descriptive research includes surveys and fact finding inquiries. The purpose of descriptive research is to find the state of affairs as it exists at present. In this type of research the researcher doesn’t have have control over other variables. He only holds the report, what is happening or what is happened.

In Analytical research, researcher makes the critical evaluation by analyzing the facts which were already existing.

2.Applied vs Fundamental:

Applied research is finding a solution for an immediate problem that society or organization was facing. Marketing research is one of the applied research.

 Fundamental research is concerned with generalization and formulation of a theory. Research about natural phenomenon or pure mathematics may be fundamental research.

3.Quantitative vs Qualitative:

Qualitative research deals with  measurements of some characteristics.

Qualitative research is about the qualitative phenomenon, motives and desires.

Human behavior/attitude  research comes under qualitative research.

4.Conceptual vs Empirical:

Conceptual research is related to some abstract idea or a theory. Conceptual research is used by philosophers to develop new concepts or reinterpret existing ones.

Empirical research   relies on experiences and observations. It was data based research. Experimental research is appropriate when the proof is needed. Empirical studies are considered as the most powerful support for testing a given hypothesis.

Week 3

1.What is ontology? How is it relevant to research?

The word Ontology comes from two Greek words “Onto”-Being real or existence and “Logia”- study or science. Ontology is a science or theory of being. It deals with the study of nature. Ontology is the system of belief that that reflects an interpretation of individual about a fact.

In general the questions come from ontology are

  •  What exists?
  •  What is real?
  •  What is True?

2.What is epistemology? How is it relevant to research?

Epistemology is the methodology driven by Ontological beliefs. Epistemology examine the relationship between knowledge and the researcher during discovery.



Week 2

Hello everyone,

   I thank you all for being here.This my one of the blogs related to my research methods paper at NMIT,Nelson.I would like to hear comments from you guys as it motivates me and helps me to get best out of me. As first week of this semester was challenge week, there are many activities held and had a good time with fellow mates.This is my first blog post on research methods paper and was directed with certain questions.

1.What do you think research is?

    For me,Research is an extreme study on any particular subject or object. Research is step by step procedure to understand actual behavior or scenario.It involves gathering information from many sources and rearranging them in pattern and skills to use the data in efficient manner.Research is not to be done in instance rather it should be done over the time with goal,confidence and patience. If we assume research as an entity,it has many attributes like long time of study,intense,depth,clarity,conclusion etc..

2.Do you think you will ever need research skills?

yes, I do think one should have research skills.I think we use the research skills too often in our day to day life.Making decisions and choosing the options were done with the some sort of research work done by our brain from the past encounters we had and the future we wish to have from these.

3.What do you think a research journal is and who is it written for?

As for now I have no idea about the research journal I had gone through a number blogs and comments with the posts, these sources helped me to gain some idea about research journal.Here I put “research journal” in this way

A research journal is the reflection or progress of research we conducting. It should not be limited only to the ongoing research rather it should be the collection of all ideas that were related to research.Even research journal may contain every moment of journey all through the research. Report journal helps a lot while we writing research report at end of the research.

4.What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the amount of work taken or stolen from others illegally. Work with plagiarism is not at all work done by us.


5.Why is it important to avoid it?

It is very important to avoid plagiarism for student or even at any stage of carrier. It is the measure of work done genuinely. I guess there are few possibilities of high plagiarism on genuine research we should keep an eye on it and we should change our path to some extent and to be on safe side.